The Four Goals of Content Marketing

You know you need to create content to market your business, but figuring out what to post is a whole other, confusing matter! 😵

You know what can help? Understanding the four goals of content marketing. Yep, there's four key things your content should be doing to help build your brand.

The Four Goals of Content Marketing

Once you understand these pillars, it becomes a whole lot easier to plan intentional, impactful content. Content should either:

1. Build a community. Bring people together through your brand to increase loyalty and brand sentiment, while making your marketing all the more impactful.

2. Promote sales. This one is obvious, but a big content marketing mistake is pushing sales too much and too obviously. A great content strategy generates sales in a natural way.

3. Educate your audience & build authority. Deliver value to your audience to establish authority and trust. Without these, your brand will lack credibility and struggle to grow consistently.

4. Inspire relationships. "Marketing" and "sales" are really just relationship building. And strong relationships = more growth and sales for your business, all without you having to do extra work. All you have to do is create some great content!

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