6 Tips For Health & Wellness Brands

⭐ATT: Health & Wellness Brands | An important announcement! ⭐

Big changes are coming to the influencer marketing scene in Australia, so now is the time to revisit your 2022 marketing strategy.

An update to the TGA Advertising Code states that from July 1, influencers will no longer be able to provide paid testimonials on therapeutic goods (ranging from medicines to medical devices - including sunscreen, skincare, and protein powders).

However, influencers can still endorse & promote therapeutic goods in exchange for payment or gifts, as long as the endorsement abides by the rules set out in the TGA Social Media Advertising Guide.

What does this mean? Aussie influencers can only provide testimonials on therapeutic goods if they do not receive any gift or payment in return. Although, if they endorse a product they can be paid. As a result, we will start to see a lot of brands move towards brand endorsements.

What is the difference between a testimonial and an endorsement?

A testimonial is when an influencer expresses their own personal experience using a product. Whereas, an endorsement is an expression of support for a product or brand, without any reference to the influencer's personal experience.

Why the sudden change? Influencer marketing is an unregulated industry, with many influencers presenting themselves as experts when they are in fact, not.

Receiving unqualified advice can have damaging consequences to the consumer and their satisfaction with a brand’s product. This new rule will help regulate the industry & protect customers from unqualified opinions.

We have put together a list of 6 tips to help out our fellow brands that use influencers to promote their products.

Six tips for health & wellness brands using influencers to promote their therapeutic goods
1. Brief your influencers
2. Check samples
3. Revisit your marketing claims
4. Clean up your posts
5. Monitor your influencers
6. Re-evaluate your existing influencers
Get clear on the new rules here: www.tga.gov.au/tga-social-media-advertising-guide

Reach us if you have any questions about these new changes and our team will get back to you!



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