Are You Holding Back Your Business?

Hey small business owner, are you holding back your business by assuming your customers think and act the same way you do? 🤔

One of the biggest mistakes we make is believing other people think the way we think

It's a common mistake for rookie entrepreneurs. They think things like...

👉 I don't read or buy from promotional emails, so I won't bother with an email marketing strategy because I assume nobody does
👉 I don't like watching video content, so I won't make any because I assume my customers don't either
👉 I don't care about how my purchases come packaged, so I assume this isn't important to anybody else either
👉 I don't search for products or new businesses on social media, so I assume nobody else does either
👉 I don't read blogs, so I don't bother writing any since I assume no one will read them either

It's important to examine our own habits and biases and ensure we aren't limiting our success through narrow views.

Instead, get used to thinking from the perspective of your target market at all times. Even if you think you are your target market, you're still just one person. What you, your friends, and your family does is not necessarily a solid indication of actual market behaviours.

Look for data and research to inform your brand, marketing, and business decisions instead, and watch your business grow! ⚡️

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