Are You Using Instagram Guides Yet?

Are you using Instagram Guides yet? 📑

Not too long ago, Instagram quietly released a powerful new feature called Guides. Guides allow you to collect together posts, products, or places on your Instagram profile.

This is a GREAT way to add another layer of depth to your Instagram strategy. You can also add a headline & copy to add even more value.

Don't be afraid to get creative with guides - think outside the box! For example:

✅ Instead of just creating a guide for each product, think about your target market & customise them to their lifestyles.

So if you sell clothes, instead of 'dresses', create a guide for 'party looks', 'day dresses', 'summer wedding', 'workday chic', etc.

✅ As a local restaurant, recommend other places around you your target market would be interested in. Create a little itinerary that people could follow.

If you live in an area with a lot to do, you could create different ones for a day out with the kids, shopping, relaxed Sunday, culture & arts, etc.

✅ Collect together posts that demonstrate the value or results of what you offer. Such as customer pictures, before and afters, testimonials, etc. This helps quickly build trust and increase the perceived value of your offers, all in one place!

>> Take a look at our guides by clicking the “Guide” button (next to our Reels & Tagged buttons) above our feed <<

➡️ If you haven't created your first guide yet, hop to it! Then share it to your story to alert your existing followers to this new piece of content. Leave us a comment below of your guides, we would love to see your creative work! 👇



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