How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Tired of your posts going nowhere? HERE'S PRECISELY HOW THE ALGORITHM WORKS...

  • Your posts have to be QUALITY! They have to resonate with your target market. They have to give people a reason to engage. Are you serving your audience or just trying to sell and self-promo constantly? Think about the value you are offering.
  • Your posts are shown high up in the feeds of your most loyal followers first. If THEY engage at a high rate, it tells the algorithm it's a good post, and it will be pushed further in hashtags and the feeds of the rest of your followers.
  • If they DON'T engage, it tells the algorithm it's not so good and won't bother showing it to many people. See, it all starts with QUALITY.
  • Likes are no longer as important as comments, saves, shares, and DMs. The algorithm loves diverse ENGAGEMENT, so if you get likes, but no saves, shares, or comments, it's time to think about how to change content to make it SAVE-ABLE, SHARE-ABLE, and COMMENT-ABLE! 
  • The algorithm rewards social, ACTIVE accounts. So don't just use Instagram to post and ghost. Be active on the platform. Leave and respond to comments, send DMs, follow new people and BE SOCIAL. It's a social media platform, after all!
If you show up authentically, serve your audience, and use the app as it is intended - SOCIALLY - the algorithm will love you in no time! 


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