You Have A Business Idea BUT...

You have a business idea! AND it's a GOOD ONE! You're squirming to get it out there, but...

Building your brand is hard. You have no idea what to do. Or even how you are going to present it to the world... AND will people like you, let alone buy from you?

Have you ever been stuck on these questions...

What business name should I have?
What website domain should I use?
What will my logo look like?
What colours are the best?
How do I build my website myself?
What do I even need on my website?
How will I get people to see my website?
How will I turn a visitor into a sale?
What should my returns policy say?
How do I ask for reviews?
How will I keep my customers coming back?


Have you ever asked yourself any of the above questions? If you have, it's A-OKAY! Building your brand to launch your business is a time consuming, stressful and a complicated process.

Which questions have you asked yourself? Comment below to have them answered.


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