Improve Your Website Call-To-Action Buttons


Improve call-to-action buttons

Call-to-actions tell online visitors exactly what you want them to do. Getting these right can make a HUGE difference in your sales and conversions.

There's been EXTENSIVE studying and testing done around call-to-actions and it really boils down into a couple of simple points:

✅ Make CTA buttons BOLD and COLOURFUL to attract attention.

This typically means using a CONTRASTING colour to your brand colours so it doesn't blend in.

Red, blue, green, and orange tend to work best, while colours like grey or white go unnoticed.

✅ Make button copy CLEAR and DIRECT to inspire action.
Phrases like "Buy Now", "Add To Cart", "Shop Now", and "View More" do well - but notice how each is slightly different.

For example, using "Add To Cart" on products in shops with multiple items means you'll see a higher average order value as people will be more likely to continue browsing. While "Buy Now" pushes them to checkout instantly without browsing further.

➡️ Are your CTAs bold and clear? Leave your answers in the comments below. 



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