Our Tips For Choosing Perfectly On-brand Stock Photos

Our tips for choosing perfectly on-brand stock photos without wasting hours upon hours searching! 💌

📷 Decide your visual direction beforehand
Knowing your brand colours, personality, and overall mood will help refine exactly what you're looking for. Fun and colourful? Soft and feminine? Dark and moody? Decide ahead of time!

📷 Use keywords to search
Instead of scrolling through endless pages, think up some keywords related to the type of images you want. This will speed up the process significantly.

📷 Search by collections or themes
Most stock photo providers, whether free or paid, have collections or themes in which photos are organised. Use these to find the types of images you want faster.

📷 Find a provider who aligns with your brand
There's so many stock photo providers out there (check out our blog for lists of free and paid options) who specialise in different styles. Find a source that aligns best with your brand to cut down searching time.

📷 If you want some of our favourite stock photo provider suggestions, take a look here! We've created lists of our favourites (free & paid)!



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