Choosing Your Brand Colours? Read this first!

🖌 Choosing the right brand colours isn't as simple as picking some colours you like and going for it. There's a lot to consider in colours, and there are three significant things that are commonly overlooked:

❤️️ Cultural Meanings. Depending on your business goals and target market, you may want to consider what certain colours mean in cultures other than your own. E.g. White can symbolise cleanliness and purity in the West, but in some Eastern cultures it is the colour of death and mourning.

❤️️ Seasonal Colours. Colours can also be used seasonally to influence emotions, and ultimately, purchasing decisions. EG. Cool blue and oyster-white could be used to sell a crisp Semillon wine in summer while rust red and chocolate brown could be used to sell a pinot noir in winter.

❤️️ Subjective Colours. Ultimately, colours are subjective to individuals, too. For example, red can be seen as exciting OR threatening. So it can be important to ensure the rest of your branding also supports the correct feeling you wish to evoke.

Overall, the colours you choose communicate meaning subconsciously and add to the overall brand experience and perception.

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