10 Most Common Web Design Issues

🚨 Is your website turning away potential customers? A poor user experience can cost you conversions, so today we're sharing the 10 most common web design issues we see:

1️⃣ Using distracting graphics - whether that's too many, low quality, or using cheesy, off-brand imagery.

2️⃣ Bad colour scheme - common issues are using bright clashing colours, or a light font on a dark background.

3️⃣ Poor font choice - fonts should be visually appealing, professional, and easy to read.

4️⃣ No SEO strategy - in order to generate targeted search engine traffic, a website should be SEO optimised.

5️⃣ Not mobile-friendly - a big portion of your traffic will be on mobile, so it's essential that your website is fully functional on mobile not just desktop.

6️⃣ Auto-play video or audio - it's not 2003, no one wants to land on a page and be met with annoying audio or video that starts playing automatically.

7️⃣ Confusing navigation - site navigation should be simple, clear, and easy for visitors to get all the information they need.

8️⃣ Slow loading - the longer it takes your site to load, the more likely visitors are to leave AND Google penalises slow websites in their search engine rankings.

9️⃣ Low quality content - Your website should have high-value, high-quality content both to help your search engine ranking AND to keep visitors happy.

🔟 Spammy ads - Too many ads, especially irrelevant ones, will make visitors think your site is spammy leading to decreased trust and conversions.

It's worth having a flick through your website to ensure you aren't making any of these mistakes! Leave us a comment below with your thoughts. 👇



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