Community Highlight: Karlene Latimer Intellectual Property Expert!

Community Highlight: @Karlene_Latimer Intellectual Property expert! ⚡️❤️️

Community highlight karlene latimer

Want to get educated on trademarking and protecting your intellectual property? Karlene is your go-to-gal!
Most people think a Trademark is expensive and you need a lawyer to do it – it's difficult, right? Well actually, Karlene says YOU can learn how to do-it-yourself. Affordably!

Karlene helps online business owners and emerging entrepreneurs, who want to protect their business with a Trademark by teaching them EVERYTHING they need to know about Trademarks. AND she has launched an online course to impart her legal wisdom onto the world, and it covers universal standards! It’s called The Trademark Academy.

We wish we knew Karlene before we settled on our brand name and logo! Trademark rights are not cookie-cutter, they can definitely spiral into a beast! Getting the wrong advice could cost you thousands and a lot of stress. Be sure to choose your brand name wisely and pre-screen your IP rights when it comes to your business. We’re looking forward to hearing more in her Introductory webinar - RIGHT NOW!

Head on over to @karlene_latimer's profile and follow along to learn more about what she does and get into her next webinar dates 📝



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