How To Create Instagram Content That Captures & Converts

Speaking to your target market in their language can be the difference between a 'like', a purchase, a share, a screenshot or a comment.

These eight simple steps will not only help you create that language, but also convert it!

1. Bring VALUE to your audience. Solve their problems, address their concerns, inspire or motivate them

2. Make sure you or your brand has a memorable story & personality that HOOKS your market in

3. Stop focusing on trying to sell and focus on trying to SERVE

4. Using words and phrases THEY use to describe themselves & their problems

5. Ensure your visuals RESONATE with them - do they see themselves or who they want to be reflected?

6. Capture their EMOTIONS - people buy with their emotions more than with logic, so inject emotion into your content

7. Remember it's QUALITY over quantity! If you need to post less to create a higher quality of content, do that

8. Not everything you post has to be about you or your business. Post content that's simply RELEVANT to your target market to attract them, and other content about you and your offers, to convert them.



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