Copywriting Mistakes That Are Turning Potential Customers Off

Copywriting mistakes that are turning off potential customers or clients 😵⤵️

➡️ Spelling and grammar mistakes.

If there's one way to kill trust with your audience, it's with spelling and grammar mistakes. These kinds of mistakes are typically associated with spam emails or scam websites, so ensure all your copy is 100% perfect before hitting publish.

➡️ Too long and complicated.

If you aren't saying it in the simplest way possible, you're doing it wrong. Website users shouldn't need to have a degree to understand messaging, or have to wade through paragraphs of information to get to the point. Get to the point!

➡️ Unclear or un-targeted messaging.

Who is your target market? Does your copy speak directly to them? Is it relatable and relevant? Getting as specific as possible and speaking to the hearts and minds of your target market will ensure far more trust & connection from users.

✅ Copy should be clear, correct, and concise!

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