Crafting Your Perfect Instagram Bio Formula

🌟 Scroll down to learn ➡️ The Instagram bio is a frequently neglected and misused space, but it's VERY important to get it right.

How to write an instagram bio that converts

✅ Name field: Make it clear who you are + what you offer. This is searchable so if someone is searching for "cosmetic injectables", for example, you will show up.

Name: Use keywords

✅ First line: What you do + who for. This should be benefit/outcome driven and focused on the audience. This could be your tag line or mission statement.

Language: Target market-focused

✅ 2-3 lines: These are the important details. Explain what you actually do or offer and include any details or features that are important to your audience (e.g. Free worldwide shipping).

Clarity: Be literal
✅ Final line: Call to action that directs people to your website link, where they can take the next steps with you.

Call-to-action: Encourage action

✅ Your link: This should take them somewhere purposeful, not just your home page. Depending on your content strategy this could be linked to a freebie (to get them into your email marketing funnel), directly to a shopping or booking page (if your content strategy focuses strongly on nurturing conversion), to your blog (for them to build more trust + sign up for freebies) etc.

Link: Purposeful page link

💌 There you have it! The formula for the perfect Instagram bio. Don't let this space go to waste!




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