Creating An Ideal Customer Versus Selling A Service

So you’re trying to sell services, but it’s not going as smoothly as you thought.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve set yourself sales goals. You’ve networked. Maybe you’ve even tried to run an ad or two… but it’s still not enough.

You’re tired and you’re wondering what the next step is. Soon, you’re dwelling on the dreaded question:

‘Do I have to push harder and get really sales-y?’ 😓

Sound familiar? Here’s a piece of advice that you’re going to love: You don’t have to push. You don’t have to sell harder.

More often than not, there’s just ONE simple thing service-based business folks have overlooked that can completely change the game.

Why Creating An Ideal Customer Is More Important Than Selling A Service


Yeah, yeah, you hear about it all the time. The problem? Too many business owners just see it as an exercise to help *themselves* and we avoid it because, uh, we’re kind of addicted to doing things the hard way 🤣

But it doesn’t just help YOU. It helps your clients — truly massively helps them, makes their lives easier, makes their experiences better — when you take the time to really dig into who they are, what they need, and what they care about.

Our founder, Peggy, (armed with her 17 years of experience in branding, marketing, and business!) was recently asked by @insidesmallbusiness_ to share her insights on identifying your ideal clients and WHY this is MORE IMPORTANT than selling itself.

If you want to kiss those sales problems BUH-BYE in the New Year, head on over to the link in our bio to read the article to find out why you maybe probably really should get a jump start on your ideal client profiles 😉




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