Have You Done A Customer Service Audit?

⁣It's really no surprise that poor customer service is a huge turn off for consumers. Have you done a customer service audit lately?⁣

62% of consumers switched companies last year due to poor customer service

➡️ How easy is it for consumers to contact you with a query or complaint?⁣

➡️ Do you have a clear FAQ or help guide?⁣

➡️ Is your customer service mobile friendly and easy to access?⁣

⁣➡️ Are your procedures as efficient as they can be?⁣

➡️ Are there any common complaints or queries that could be easily addressed by adding more information to your website or emails?⁣

💸 An audit of this area could end up being a revenue game-changer! 

Do you agree? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.



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