Identifying Your Customer Touchpoints

Customers are spending more time researching their purchases than ever before. With so much information and ease of comparison at our fingertips, it's more essential than ever to understand exactly what drives your customers to purchase.

According to Google’s recent purchase behaviour research, customers are likely to get into a 'loop' of continuously researching & evaluating options.

The key for you is to have strong customer touchpoints to be ready for them when they loop into your orbit!

Customers' touchpoints are the areas a customer interacts with your brand from the time they identify a need, to the point they finally make a purchase. You want to be present at the key interactions for YOUR customers to maximise the chances of a sale.

For example, a customer may have their first interaction with your brand from an ad, they then look at your online ratings, visit your website, and finally come to your shop to make a purchase.

Your main customer touchpoints online might be:
✅ Social media
✅ Search engines
✅ Blogging sites
✅ Forum
✅ Review sites
✅ Coupon sites
✅ Branded sites
✅ Other tools like retailer sites, publishers, video sharing sites, etc.

It depends on your target market, what they value most, & what information they're looking for, so it's important to know who your target market is so you can be present in all the right places!

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