Why Should Customers Choose You?

Why should customers choose you? 🤔

In traditional marketing terms, you'll often hear about the "USP" - "Unique selling point" - that differentiates one offer from others on the market.

It's all well and good to have a USP, but there are other considerations when it comes to "WHY YOU"? ⤵️

Like: Do your values align with your target market's? Do you offer great customer service? Do you have a consistent social media presence & serve your community?

Some businesses don't have a differentiating USP when it comes to their offers, but when it comes to winning customers over the competition - the level of service, how well the offer aligns with the target market, and who is showing up the best in their marketing - is truely what gets noticed the most.

If you know what's important to your customers and can capitalise on that, you'll easily be miles ahead of the competition! 

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