Our Top 6 Tips For Developing An Impactful Brand Logo

🖌Our top 6 tips for developing an impactful brand logo ⤵️

1. Choose a relevant and meaningful brand name. Your business name should convey meaning and value to others. It also needs to be easy to spell and say, and not limit your future offerings. (E.g. "Coastal Candles" limits you to candles instead of being able to expand into homewares down the line. Think big!)

2. Choose a viable business structure. Your business structure can communicate a lot about where you stand in the marketplace, and a logo needs to reflect that. For example, a sole trader may have a more personalised, home-business feel, while a company is a bit more refined and professional.

3. Keyword-rich domains. When picking a name & considering the domain name, keep in mind that people are significantly more likely to click on a search result when the domain had the keyword they were searching for in it.

4. Your colours need to make a statement. Colour is visual literacy, and different colours (and combinations of colour) communicate different things. Be aware of any cultural differences and meaning for colour, particularly if you have an international market.

5. Your brand & brand persona matter. What does your logo need to communicate? Playfulness and fun? Sophistication and luxury? Quality and professionalism? Your logo needs to reflect those.

6. Pick the right fonts. Keep it simple. People remember simpler lines, simpler shapes, colours, and text. You want your font to help your logo be recognisable. Most importantly, you want your logo's fonts to transfer across contemporary and future print, web, and mobile venues.

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