We're Shaking Things Up Over At Marketing Your Brand

🥳 I’ve personally, had a fantastic break from posting to Instagram. Our team have enjoyed sitting back and having a giggle at all the Instagram algorithm changes, though none of them have surprised us (because user engagement, aka the market, is always changing) Instagram is notorious for switching up the online game because they’re progressive.

And after 17 years of being in the business and marketing realm…. I don’t get surprised easily 🤪

We have also enjoyed consoling and educating our clients on all the ways they do not need to rely on Instagram (but that's a secret topic only reserved for our fabulous clients, for now!).

Good things come to those who work hard! So we have some very exciting announcements, and amazing outcomes heading your way!

To all our eCommerce and service-based founders, stay tuned as we morph into the go-to destination for building your website & brand! Think of us as your business building BFF's 🤜 🤛 We’ll guide you, hold your hand and give you a good “talking to” so you have the confidence to market your biz.

We are going to help all the aspiring business hopefuls and thriving brands grow. You are going to love the support, tips and strategies we share with you soon!

In the meantime, cheers to building your marketable brand, 🥂 Peggy 👩🏻‍💻




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