Our Favourite Squarespace Templates: GO LIVE

Squarespace is a great budget-friendly website builder for service-based small businesses. It's easy to use with beautiful design options, and can be taken to the next level with custom templates.

Our favourite providers of beautiful, user-friendly, high quality Squarespace templates? That'd be @golivehq 🙌

Our Favorite Squarespace Templates: GO LIVE


❤️️Completely customised, proprietary designs ensure you aren't blending in with the thousands of others using Squarespace's default templates
❤️️ Dozens of different designs to fit your brand's unique needs, whether you're a blogger, a corporate brand, an e-commerce shop, an artist or service provider who wants a glamorous online portfolio
❤️️ Free installation takes the "no coding" promise of Squarespace to a new level, so you can focus on marketing your business without the headaches of dealing with Squarespace tech⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
❤️️ Exceptional customer support, including in-depth videos to help you tweak and adjust the template to make it truly yours (no coding required).

✨ You get access to exceptional customer service, but they can take up to 48 hours to respond (planning ahead can ensure you have the customer support you want during your launch day)
✨ Brands that don't use a lot of visual elements in their marketing may find it difficult to make Squarespace's visual-heavy templates fit their objectives (don't worry though, we provide solutions for that - just book a consult!)

Overall @golivehq are our go-to for premium Squarespace template options. And for our MYB DIY audience we have something special!

❤️️ Use the code: MYBGOALS in their checkout to save an extra 10% off of GoLive's professional, customised templates!





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