Four Things We Miss From Before Running A Business

Ohhhhhhh the things you take for granted before owning and running a business 🙈

➡️ Here’s a personal note from Peggy, Director of Marketing Your Brand.

📩 As an entrepreneur👩🏻‍💻 in my early 20’s, I knew all too well what hard work and sleepless nights were. I swapped a fun twenty-something to build a business and then a corporate career. I am no stranger to “the grind”. My twenty-something self was a rocket. I could’ve made NASA jealous!

But I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Building a business young taught me priceless lessons. And I still love building something I can call mine. Meeting and working with the amazing clients I have met along the way - is a true joy. But then again, there are things that I miss about the time before business. SO, so much! Let’s see if you can relate too:

1. Spare Time 💥

Spare time
Oh, boy, do I miss it! That extra time to do anything and everything I pleased. I would’ve checked off my personal to-do list in no time!

2. Not being in a rush! 💥

Not being in a rush
The hustle is real! It’s a constant rush of getting projects finished, running campaigns, balancing, building websites, conducting client meetings... all while fitting in everyday home life - sets a tone for the family environment too! Don’t even get me started on raising a family while being a business owner, managing a team and client deadlines – it’s an intense juggle.

3. The Weekends 💥

Sleeping in & peaceful weekends
This one is the clincher - I can’t even remember the last weekend I had off just to sleep in and relax, or not think about my business 🤔

4. Me time💥

Me time
The books and magazines I’ve bought with the intention of reading... only for them to be sitting pretty YEARS (even decades) later on a shelf collecting dust!

Tell us, can you relate? What do you miss from before business ownership?Leave your answers in the comments below. 👇



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