How To Get More Positive Reviews From Customers

If positive reviews feel hard to get, then read this! ⤵️

How to get more positive reviews

Consider implementing these tips:

✅ Send follow-up emails asking for customers to review their purchase

✅ Offer incentives like promo codes for future orders in exchange for reviews

✅ Make it EASY for customers to leave reviews - the harder it is the less you'll get

✅ Don't be afraid to send a follow up to nudge anyone who may have forgotten to leave a review

✅ Frequently share your existing positive reviews on social media & ask other customers to share their experiences

✅ Respond to negative reviews and show you are a business that respects your customers, even when they may have a negative experience

✅ Give them prompts or an easy to use ratings system like stars or a number. This is simpler for the user than filling in a blank, open-ended text box!

✅ Ensure your review system is mobile friendly. Many web users are now on mobile, so if your forms aren't mobile friendly users will get frustrated and leave

Over 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions so it's important to collect them as often as possible.

We'd love to know which tip was the most helpful - let us know in the comments! ⤵️



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