Peggy - Director of Marketing Your Brand

Hey, I'm Peggy! 👋 Or, as my clients have lovingly nicknamed me - Mrs Fix It 🛠

I am the Director of Marketing Your Brand, mother, marketing specialist, foodie, lover of Chanel and small business/entrepreneur enthusiast 🙋🏻‍♀️

Fun fact: 🌈With over a decade of experience, my Marketing & PR strategies have generated well over $10.8 million worth of sales 💸for my clients.

I've worked with business owners🌟across numerous industries and budgets, from B2C and B2B, to product and service-based providers.

In my opinion, marketing success boils down to your:
1️⃣ Insights
2️⃣ Strategies
3️⃣ Action Plan
If you've got these sorted, you're on track to succeed🏅

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