So You Want a High Converting Landing Page


Every website needs a visually-appealing landing page that converts their traffic into customers or email list subscribers. This usually means not just one page, but multiple optimised, high-converting landing pages for different offers.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating landing pages that convert:

1️⃣ Understand it has one function: CONVERSIONS! It should either direct sign ups to your email newsletter or get visitors to your sales/product pages with NO OTHER AVAILABLE OPTIONS on the page!

2️⃣ Create an attractive offer that your visitors will be interested in. The way to get conversions? Offer something your visitors really want!

3️⃣ Ensure the page is well designed and professional. A good design flow, cohesive colour scheme, and overall usability will impact trustworthiness and can make or break whether someone converts or decides to bounce.

4️⃣ Written content needs to both build trust and show the value of the offer in order to convert. If this is something you struggle with it's worth engaging a copywriter to help (like us, hi! 🙋).

5️⃣ Use your marketing strategies to drive traffic to the page. Whether this is using organic strategies like SEO and social media, paid advertising, or a combination. Organic strategies are slower than paid ads so consider your goals and budget and plan accordingly!

There you have it! Our secrets to a high converting landing page.

What's your biggest landing page struggle? Let us know in the comments below so we can help! ⤵️



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