Hosted Versus Self-hosted Websites

🤔 Hosted versus self-hosted websites. Do you know the difference?

You might be thinking, "Oh great, another technical thing I need to wrap my head around!" 🤣 But don't worry, it's not that technical.

HOSTED: building your website on a third-party platform, such as Shopify or Squarespace.

The host provides the software and templates to build your website, and even host it for you on their servers. This can be a user-friendly option if you're not very tech confident.

However you're locked into a monthly or annual payment plan and because they own the platform and server that your site is built on, you are reliant on them.

SELF-HOSTED: Installed and built on your own servers and your own website domain. Wordpress is a common option for self-hosted websites. You have full ownership of everything.

However it can be a bit more tech savvy and requires maintenance, which can sometimes require also paying a specialist ongoing fees if you aren't confident enough to DIY.

So in short: Self-hosted = a bit more technical but you have full control & ownership. Hosted = easy to use but less control & ownership.

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