You Need A Strong, Consistent Brand - But Do You Know WHY?

SWIPE TO LEARN! ➡️ You've heard that you need a strong, consistent brand - but do you know WHY?

A consistent brand can fast-track your growth and ensure long-term success. Think about any big brand you love - they're a household name because of their consistency!

Imagine if every time you came across Bonds over the years they were using a different logo, different colours, different style of photography, different tone of voice... you'd get confused, right?

If it was always different, the Bonds brand wouldn't stick in your mind because there's no repetition and consistency. Even more so, it would've been a huge waste of time and money for Bonds to keep publishing content and ads if it was different every time.

And yet a lot of small business owners do just this! Whether it's as simple as your Instagram feed not staying consistent and on-message, or your website design looking completely different to the look of the ad someone just clicked on...

All these little mistakes erode trust and chip away at your ability to build a strong, memorable brand.

Trust us when we say: Consistency is KEY! 🔑

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