A Quick Tip To Increase Your Average Order Value

Want to increase your average order value? AKA make MORE money per customer? Here are a few simple tips:

✅ Change your "buy now" buttons to "add to cart" to encourage users to keep shopping instead of checking out immediately

✅ Ensure you have a "continue shopping" button on your checkout page

✅ Recommend other products through a "related products" or "you might like" section on product pages
✅ Add urgency by showing there is limited stock left

✅ Offer up-sells or small no-brainer extras (the way grocery stores place magazines and chocolate bars at the registers)

✅ Set a minimum order $ for free delivery

There you have it! Simple ways to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) without being in-your-face about it.

Does your online store use any of these tips? Does it help increase your AOV? Leave your answers in the comments below. 👇



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