So You Want To Dive Into Influencer Marketing?

So you want to dive into influencer marketing, but you're scared of all the influencer horror stories out there?

A big mistake many small business owners make is thinking influencer marketing is just picking a random influencer with a high follower count, sending them some free product and paying their fee, and expecting overnight success.

There's SO much more you need to consider & have in place before hitting 'go' on an influencer partnership ⤵️

✅ Check their audience demographics match your target market. You'd be surprised to find some don't have the audience you'd assume.

✅ See if they have an engaged community who listens to & respects them, not just that high follower count. There are many influencers with 100K followers who just don’t convert, because of little real "influence". Versus someone with a small 3K super-engaged fan base, that might get excited over your products.

✅ Do they have experience & a good track record? Not every influencer is actually good at creating meaningful sponsored content that resonates & gets results.

✅ Think about your brand image & vet candidates thoroughly. Especially after 2020, it's more important than ever to align with people who share your business values & won't damage your reputation.

✅ Have a contract. Outline deliverables such as the number of posts, due dates, and consequences if the contract is breached. Don't just send out free product & hope for the best.

There's so much that goes into a great partnership, but finding the right influencers can be game-changing for growth & sales.

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