Instagram Algorithm Secrets

📲 Do you feel confused about the algorithm? Here's some simple tips about how it works:

✅ The algorithm rewards app usage. The more active you are on the platform engaging with content, leaving comments, watching stories & videos, sending messages, the further your posts will be pushed overall.

✅ It prefers consistency. The algorithm prefers if you post at the same times on the same days on a consistent schedule, rather than random posting with no pattern.

✅ The algorithm likes you using ALL the features. Posts, stories, Reels, IGTV - the more you use ALL of these, the more the algorithm will preference your posts.

✅ Sociability is key. This is also true of relationship building in general (after all, the algorithm is meant to mimic & reward real human behaviour!), so connection & engagement strategy should form a part of your overall content strategy. Ensure you're actually having conversations: in comments and DMs both on your content AND on other people's.

✅ The more engagement you get the better. The algorithm will push your content to more people if you have strong engagement rates, because strong engagement shows you have good content. It then promotes good content because it keeps people on the app longer!

⚡️ The best way to maximise favour in the algorithm? It doesn't have to be complicated. Focus on a high quality content strategy, stay consistent, and be social!

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