Why Is Your Instagram Engagement Drop

Have you noticed your Instagram engagement drop over the past few months? Many have been reporting big drops in reach and engagement rates on the platform. Here's why ⤵️

⚡️ 1. A new feature was released: Reels! Reels have been enjoying a huge boost in reach for those using them well, while traditional content has taken a dive. This is usual around the release of a new Instagram feature, as the platform will more heavily promote content using those new features.

⚡️ 2. World events have been wild! Between the global health crisis, political unrest, and climate catastrophes the world has been even more unstable than normal. If past events have taught us anything, it’s usual in times of chaos and crisis for social media engagement to take a dive because people are distracted.

📲 If your engagement is suffering, the best remedy is to test out Reels. Ensure your content is still relevant and resonating with audiences (if you haven't changed up your content or messaging to align with the 2020 landscape then do it now), remain consistent, and focus on creating an impactful brand.

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