Direct Messages As Part Of Your Instagram Strategy

💌 Does your Instagram strategy include a strategy for generating more direct messaging? If not, now is the time to implement it!

Direct messages are one of the best ways to increase your ranking in the instagram algorithm

When you direct message with another user, this tells the algorithm two important things:

1. That particular user really likes you. So it will prioritise showing your content to them 🎉
2. Your content must be pretty good in general. So it will prioritise showing your content to other users, too 👯

It can be hard to keep up with all the different avenues of communication across emails and social media channels, but chatting to your audience in DMs on Instagram is definitely one to prioritise!

❤️️ The easiest way to start generating more DMs is by developing an engaging stories strategy. Get started by thinking about what you can post that will spark discussion and get people reaching out?

Need some ideas? Get in touch and Book in a brainstorming marketing consultation session, we’ve got quite a few to share 😉💌



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