Quick Ideas To Jump-Start Your Instagram Reels Strategy!

So what's the deal with Instagram Reels? Here's some quick ideas to jump-start your Reels strategy! 👯 (No dancing or pointing to things involved 🤣)

Use Reels to:
⚡️ Share the features of your product or service
⚡️ Give your audience a valuable tip
⚡️ Show off a client or customer transformation
⚡️ Share behind-the-scenes of "how it's made"
⚡️ Show orders being packed
⚡️ Film an office or workspace tour (even if it's just your kitchen table!)
⚡️ Share part of your daily work routine

While you may be thinking, "Great, another feature to learn how to use!" Reels are a great growth and connection opportunity right now.

Reels are getting a lot more reach than traditional posts, and the power of video content often means a well-done video creates far more connection & positive brand sentiment than static content can achieve.

Try swapping out one part of your content schedule that is usually static content for Reels and see what happens! 🎥

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below 👇




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