FREEBIE β€” Learn How To Use Instagram For Business

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Learn how to use instagram for business

The emailed course covers...

βœ… Understanding Instagram - How you can use Instagram, where it can fit into your overall sales and marketing strategies, and how to set your IG goals.

βœ… The algorithm - Exactly HOW the algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage.

βœ… Competitor research & aligned accounts - How to find your target market on Instagram and conduct competitor research to help inform your own IG strategy.

βœ… How to use hashtags to reach more of your target market easily (and the killer mistakes everyone makes that you must avoid!).

βœ… Your post strategy - EVERYTHING you need to know to create on-brand, highly relevant posts that your audience will love.

βœ… Using Instagram stories - Developing your story strategy to deepen your audience relationship and increase brand loyalty.

βœ… Growing your community - the BEST strategies for building your Instagram community and reaching your Instagram goals.

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