Melbourne's Leading Upholstery & Design Firm

We’re just over here taking a moment to appreciate how innovative and amazing our client, Zenn Design is 🖤

Melbourne's Leading Upholstery & Design Firm

Imagine being able to say..

“I custom made that piece over there”

“This is my favourite fabric in my living room, it feels divine!”

"I created a little slice of heaven in my home”.

That’s what the #ZennDesign customers are saying!

Zenn Design is Melbourne's leading upholstery & design firm, specialising in all things fabric, we’d go as far as saying they’re experts in fabric, just look at how stunning the selection of colours and textures are that they offer. The range, design aesthetic, website, content and products instantly take you to an interiors planning paradise. Custom upholstery is definitely channeling our #Pinterest board. Yes please!

We were lucky enough to work with Zenn Design to bring their website to life and it’s been one of our favourite projects to date and one we’re very proud of. We worked with the team to create not just a website that would be visually appealing and take users on a journey, but to also create an immersed visual experience, where interior lovers could take in all the texture, materials and overall sense of handcrafted design that underpins the brand.

We focussed on defining an unparalleled customer experience (one of our favourite things to do and our core value at Marketing Your Brand), while simultaneously conveying the luxury, quality of the products, built from the ground up with brand and website design services to ensure Zenn Design launched with a bang (and they did just that!).

With quite a few of us stuck at home, either in ISO or navigating WFH, we wanted to share a little #interiorinspo and take you through a sensory experience we know you will enjoy and if you love the brand as much as we do, head over to @_zenndesign and show them some love.

Enjoy 😍



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