Mid-year Check-in For Your Business

💥 Oh my! We’re well into mid-year mania (time flies), but have you made time to check in with your business this year?

For e-commerce businesses, the fun and games of Christmas traffic is over. By now you’re well & truly into the mid-year sales grind (& so is everyone else). It might be tempting to keep forging forward without taking pause to check in. But have you asked yourself these questions yet?

✅ How are your numbers? Check in with your metrics and KPIs to see where you're at.

✅ Is your social strategy up-to-date? There have been so many changes and shifts in social media over the past year, is your social media strategy still relevant? Is there space to leverage new platforms or content types like Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, or YouTube? Or should you be cutting back?

✅ Is your brand on point? 2020 saw a lot of social changes too. Many people are now getting more in touch with core values and what a business stands for before they make a purchase. Moving forward we will see people buying with their values more than ever. Is your brand and business aligned to keep up and continue resonating in this shifting landscape?

✅ How are YOU? 2020 was a tough year. You may have had to pivot, cope with another lockdown, deal with rapid changes, or simply accept some losses and hard situations. Take the time to truly check in with yourself, slow down, and recuperate.

What have you noticed in these last 6 months? Share your mid-year thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your business journey ✨




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