What Morals And Values Do Your Target Market Hold?

❓ What morals and values do your target market hold?

While you may know the problems you solve for your target market, are your offers aligned with their morals and values too?

For example...

➡️ Do they prefer getting a good deal or discount? Or the prestige and luxury of a high-end purchase?

➡️ Do they prefer eco-friendly, sustainable options?⠀⠀⠀⠀

➡️ Do they value Australian made?

➡️ Do they prefer to support small, local business?

➡️ Are they spiritual?

Knowing these morals and values will inform the tone and content of your marketing campaign. Not knowing these can also put you at risk of turning off your market or have them choose a competitor who is better aligned. For example, if your market highly value being eco-friendly but your business is not - this should probably be something you consider implementing.

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