How To Stay Organised In Business Using Trello

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If you find you're always juggling a million things, leaving yourself random sticky notes, clogging up your calendar, and overall struggling to keep track, then Trello is one of the best ways to stay organised as a business owner!

Trello is a visual, drag and drop organisational tool that helps you keep track of projects, to-do lists, resources, ideas - anything you can think of. You can have multiple boards, each with lists inside them, and the ability to add team members, due dates, attachments, and everything else you need to stay truly organised.

Here are some of the ways you can use Trello to stay organised...

❤️️ Create boards for each major department, team, staff member, or contractors in your business to keep track of the projects they're working on
❤️️ Keep track of all your content marketing, including brainstorming topic ideas (and move them to your marketing team's to-do list once they're ready to go!)
❤️️ Write out your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to-do lists and goals so you can keep track of your bigger picture
❤️️ Use as a CRM to keep a record of leads, and what stage of the sales process they're at so you don't miss out on sales
❤️️ Pull together all the resources you or your team need quick access to and save everyone a bunch of time
❤️️ Create a board with all your on-boarding documentation, walkthroughs, and resources for new team members to make training a breeze
❤️️ Create boards for each of your clients to keep them on track and informed with each stage of the project to keep them in the loop

And that's just scratching the surface of what you can do with Trello! We use it daily, and recommend taking it for a test drive if you haven't already - we bet you'll fall in love.

Join Trello or view more Insider Tools & Tips by visiting our Insider Tools page on our website.

What are some of your favourite resources for staying organised in business? Leave your answers in the comments below. 👇



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