Our Amazing Client Werko

✨Not every hero wears a cape, some heroes save the day in the simplest of ways… by just being there for us and making the world a safer place despite all obstacles ✨

Our team would like to take a moment to appreciate and express our gratitude toward the heroes out there working tirelessly to keep us safe during what feels like a never ending pandemic.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired an outpouring of appreciation for our frontline workers across the country on all platforms – doctors & nurses are our most important – but they are not the only ones who have kept us safe. In turn, who is keeping them safe?

A sector that has been undervalued for their efforts are Australia’s health and medical care suppliers. Our inspiring client, @werko_australia has been a major supplier of medical and healthcare products, including the well sought after Rapid Tests & PPE.

While Australia faces nationwide test shortages and increasing infections, Werko Australia has still found a way to show up and deliver for Australians time and time again.

The Werko Australia team is working around the clock to deliver rapid tests and supplies to our community and they even tripled their workforce to keep up with demand.

We are so honoured to be working with such inspiring clients like Werko Australia, that are positively impacting the health & safety of Australians.

Please show your support for our amazing client @Werko_Australia by sending them a little thank you message for all of their efforts. ❤️📩❤️



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