Grow Your Physical Product Business Email List?

What are you doing to grow your physical product business email list? Need some more interesting ideas for a lead generator than just the stock-standard 10% off voucher? Look no further! ⤵️

✅ A referral rewards program
✅ Printable shopping lists
✅ Product guides
✅ Recipe cards
✅ Checklists
✅ Medication lists & reminders
✅ Surveys & quizzes
✅ In-store contests
✅ Video product reviews

While there's nothing wrong with a discount as your lead magnet, we hope we've inspired you to think about how you can create a deeper brand experience with something a little more unique!

For extra help in this department, take a peak into our copywriting and full service offers. Get in touch today and we can tailor a lead magnet or incentive that works for your business! 👇



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