How To Plan Ahead For SEO

SEO is a long game that requires a lot of planning to get right! 🎲 Before you go rushing in to make SEO changes on your website, you need to know exactly who you're targeting and what they're going to be searching for.

How to plan ahead for SEO?

Here's some questions we ask when it comes to planning ahead for implementing SEO strategies on your website...

➡️ Think about your Target Market...
✅ What do they want from their search?
✅ What questions do they have?
✅ What are they thinking about while searching?
✅ What answers do they expect to find?

Don't forget to look at feedback from your existing customer base, too. This will help shed some light on the above questions for you.

➡️You can also ask new customers...
✅ How did they find out about you?
✅ If they found you online, what did they search to find you?
✅ Where did they search?

If your new customers or clients have to fill out some kind of sign up form, this is a great place to add in a question or two asking how they heard about you.

Knowing the answers to these questions will set the perfect foundation for developing a killer SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with what your target market is searching for.

Got SEO or research questions? Drop them below! 👇



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