Planoly: Plan & Schedule For Instagram & Pinterest

🎨 Batch creating and scheduling content is essential for any business owner that wants to stay on top of their social media marketing.

But there are so many options to choose from. It's easy to get choice paralysis. If you'd like a helping hand, we use Planoly to schedule and auto-post to Instagram and Facebook. (Recently they added in Pinterest tools too.)

We love Planoly because it completely understands that Instagram is a visual platform, making it easy to plan your feed from a visual standpoint.

You can upload your images, write captions, tag accounts and locations, save hashtag sets, schedule and even automatically post to Instagram and Facebook easily.

And they have fantastic, in-depth analytics that gives much deeper, long-term insight into your engagement and audience than you can see on Instagram's in-app metrics. This makes it handy to see your long-term growth at a glance and ensure your growth goals are on track.

❤️️ We highly recommend giving Planoly a try if you're looking for a visual, easy to use solution to Instagram and Facebook scheduling.

Have you used Planoly? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts. 👇



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