Want To Rank Better In Search Engine Results?

Want to rank better in search engine results? 🔎⤵️

Well, first, you need to understand how search engines actually work to decide which content ranks where.

So you already know the basic idea: you type something in, and the search engine turns up results. But what happens in the background from query to result to decide which results you see?

There are three key things search engines do to decide rankings:

1️⃣ They CRAWL the internet, scouring over the code & content they find for each URL.

2️⃣ They INDEX (store & organise) the content found to best suited and displayed as search results to relevant queries.

3️⃣ They RANK the content in order of most relevant to least relevant.

Of course, "relevance" is a whole topic of its own. That's where it comes down to your website SEO! If you'd like to dive deeper and learn about strategies to get you seen in search engines, head on over to our blog to read more or leave us a comment below with your thoughts. 💌👇



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