Set Up For A Smooth Holiday Season In Your E-Commerce Business

🎄 So it's the holiday season, and while everyone else is winding down, you're e-commerce business may need your presence now more than ever.

Set Up For A Smooth Holiday Season In Your E-Commerce Business

As a small business owner it can be difficult to balance the demands of your business AND spend the holiday season with your family. So here's a few tips to help lighten the load:

1. Consider setting up an autoresponder on your email to give yourself some extra days grace in responding to non-urgent enquiries
2. Ensure you have a comprehensive FAQ & shipping and returns policies set up to minimise enquiries
3. Save go-to email and social media reply templates so that you can respond more quickly
4. Don't feel pressured to post a ton on social after the Christmas rush (unless you really want to) because people are online less at this time of year

🎁 Don't feel guilty about prioritising your family (and sanity!) at this time of year. And once Christmas shipping cut offs are closed, enjoy some serious "off" time!

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