Community Highlight: @womenontopp

Once in a while we are charmed by a social feed or online community 👩🏻‍💻 that has caught our eye, and inspired us to dive deeper into the world of business and entrepreneurship!

@womenontopp is one of those businesses 💖


It's an online magazine for ambitious businesswomen, with articles written to help you in business. You can expect to find an insightful read in Lifestyle & Selfcare, Career and Finance, and our personal favourite, Entrepreneurship & Business.

If you are looking for an intriguing online read, or finally get a moment of downtime this holiday season, pop onto their website for some reading entertainment.

We hope you enjoy the recommendation 🤓 Keep your eyes peeled, as we’ve got a new business to share with you each week! With many more educational and resourceful accounts to come, we plan on sharing a whole new world of like-minded social accounts 🔖 to help you get inspired in your business.

Do you have an inspiring business account to share? Let us know who they are in the comments.👇 We would love to check them out (and possibly feature them) 🤩



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