Short-Term Retention Strategies To Help Your Business

Has your business been affected by Coronavirus? It's time to listen up!

With e-commerce and retail store sales being dramatically affected, brand retention strategies have NEVER been more important.

Small business owners need to start establishing retention strategies now, to help stay afloat during tougher financial times ahead.

Adopting a robust retention strategy through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices will help you stay top-of-mind to your customers.


Strategy 1: Address Concerns

Use your marketing communication channels

  • Use your marketing communication channels to address concerns that will arise.
  • Send updates on how you are coping with Coronavirus and what public health and safety measures you have put in place.
  • Keep customers informed and educated!

Strategy 2: Build Camaraderie

Build a strong community

  • Build a strong Brand Community by spreading a message of camaraderie.
  • Open social media channels for sharing and interacting with others.
  • Take a "we are all in this together" approach. Support and share other businesses that can help.
  • Be supportive and encouraging!

Strategy 3: Create Incentives

Incentivise Customers

  • Incentivise customers with loyalty programs of gift vouchers to use later.
  • These will keep revenue flowing and build a further sense of loyalty and support.
  • Be clear on what offers you have available for, during, or after this crisis is over.
  • Open avenues for customers to support you.

Strategy 4: Say Thank You

Thank Your Customers

  • Thank your customers! There's no better time to share a message of thanks and support.
  • As we face uncertain times a little positivity can go a long way.
  • Share all the good things that have happened in the past year and highlight how others have enjoyed your products and services.
  • Spread positivity and support!

You can also use this “quiet” period to prepare your business for what’s to come, when life goes back to normal. OR consider the ways in which your business can Pivot & Adapt to what’s happening now!

As much as you may want to shrink away and hide during this crisis, NOW is the time to show up. Be a leader. Set a positive example. Support & encourage others. It will be remembered far beyond the effects of this pandemic. 


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