Struggling With Constantly Abandoned Carts? Have You Considered A Retargeting Strategy?

💌 Struggling with constantly abandoned carts? Have you considered a retargeting strategy?

Your carts don’t have to stay abandoned forever. There are many strategies you can use to get potential customers from cart abandonment to paying customer.

One of those strategies is through the use of retargeting ads. Re-targeting uses tracked "cookies" to follow people around the internet – reminding online shoppers about that product they had their eye on! 😉

Seeing the product again on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere could be the push they need to buy. In fact, most of us have probably made a purchase based on seeing a retargeting ad before - whether we realise it or not.

Even if a customer doesn't purchase directly through the ad, seeing an ad for your business will help keep you top-of-mind instead of totally forgotten. You never know, that reminder might be the trigger they need to stop by again!

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