How To Take Better Phone Photos

How to take better phone photos

📲 5 tips to help you take better photos on your smartphone for Instagram!

1. ☀️Natural light is your best friend☀️Lighting is what makes or breaks a photo, so ensure your subject is well-lit with natural light.

2. 🌟Consider your perspective🌟Play with possible angles and points of view to create better images than a standard straight-on shot.

3. ✨Establish more depth✨To create the illusion of more depth in your Instagram photos, consider using the technique of one-point perspective. This is where all lines converge to a single point, such as a mountain on the horizon.

4. ⚡️Play with reflections⚡️You can use mirrors, a variety of different glass surfaces, and even water, like lakes and puddles to create interesting reflections for more dynamic imagery.

5. 💥Shoot RAW, not JPEG💥 New models of smartphones are capable of capturing RAW files. If you want to edit your photos, these types of files are infinitely better than JPEG, as they do not automatically compress any information that your camera sees. This means you'll be able to recover the highlights and shadows, adjust white balance, and get more details out of your images. 🎉 If you’d like to know how you can edit these settings, visit this article on our blog.

There you have it, our top 5 tips for levelling up your smartphone photos. What about you? Do you have any phone photography tips? Share them below! 👇



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