Do You Know The Difference Between These Font Types?

Do you know the difference between these font types and what they convey? ⤵️

Each font type can leave a different impression on your audience. To give you an idea here's some of the things different font types can communicate:

Serif Sans Serif Cursive

💌 Serif: Stability and professionalism

💌 Sans serif: Playfulness and fun

💌 Cursive or script: Elegance and a personal touch

Giving some thought to the fonts you use and why can make a big difference to the way your brand is perceived in the marketplace!

😳 Getting it wrong can mean sending the wrong message, or even turning people off your brand.

If you take a look at our Instagram page, you'll see how we mix all three, with a major focus on serif fonts!

Which font choice best suits your brand? Leave your answers in the comments below. 👇



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