The HEART Of Your Business

When was the last time you promoted your vision, mission, and values to your audience?

We work with a lot of small businesses on their brands and marketing, and many of them overlook these.

❤️ Your company vision, mission, and values are the HEART of your business.

Without those, you’re just a website trying to sell stuff. And to be honest? In that case, most people would just rather shop on Amazon 😬

Your vision, mission, and values bring warmth, connection, and purpose to your brand — all of which are essential to setting you apart, winning trust, and making sales 💸

Confused about the difference? Here’s a quick rundown:


A vision is a future-focused statement about what your brand is aiming for and the impact you hope to create for others.

At MYB our vision is: 'A digital world where e-commerce success is achievable for everyone.'


How are you going to bring about your vision? A mission statement explains this. It's present-focused and explains what actually you do.

The MYB mission is to be your go-to destination for guidance and resources on creating digital brands, websites, and content.


In today's market, consumers expect brands to have strong values, and they buy from brands who are values-aligned. Your values should set the standards in your brand and tell people what to expect.

At MYB some of our values are:
❤️ Integrity, Transparency & Honesty
❤️ Quality matters
❤️ Be curious & learn a better way⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Want to discover your brand heart? Our upcoming workshops dive into just that! Head on over to this link to save your spot.



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